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River Beach, Seal Beach' townhome community

River Beach is Seal Beach's townhome community here in Old Town, containing 80 2-story townhomes. Some have two and some have three bedrooms, all the bedrooms are upstairs and all the homes here have a patio and a detached garage.

The two most prominent advantages of owning in this community are 1/ Location: on the San Gabriel River, 1 block from the beach and 5 blocks to Old Town and Main Street Seal Beach, and 2/ Price: the prices in River Beach right now range from $1M to $1.3M, depending on location and condition.

Seeing that River Beach is right next to Seal Beach’ newest luxury community of Ocean Place, where price are between $2.5M and $4M, this townhome community is extremely attractive.

If you would like to know more about this townhome community, please reach out to me. I'm available.

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