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How's the Real Estate Market?

So let's talk about the real estate market. Everyone's asking me about the market and I'd like to let you know that prices are not coming down. Inventory is low. I think we've all noticed it. Even though some people think, or rather hope, that prices are going to start coming down, we receive predictions by most of the market leaders that prices are going to continue to rise. Maybe not at the same pace they did in 2021, but they're going to continue to rise for the next few years. Inflation is here. Also, interest rates have started to creep up. So this is not an easy market.

However, since the '70s, real estate has beaten inflation every single year.

So now does not appear to be the time to sit on the sidelines, but it is the time to invest in real estate. Now is the time to buy. Don't wait, because what's going to happen if you don't make an offer on this house you see today, a year from now, you're going to say I wish I bought that. Two years from now, today's price would seem like a steal.

So we urge buyers not to think that prices are too high, … I can't buy now. I'm going to wait for the market to crash. The market is not going to crash and don't wait.

Invest in your future. Now is really the time to buy real estate.

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